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The Void

Gazing Into ‘The Void’: Lovecraftian Horror Done Right


Statistically, you’re more likely to die in a hospital than anywhere else. Especially if there’s an Eldrich abomination in the basement.

Rings Of Power Episode

‘The Rings of Power’ and the Easily Corrupted Hearts of Men


You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

Barbarian Explained

The Ending of ‘Barbarian’ Explained


In addition to being a downright terrifying horror flick, ‘Barbarian’ shrewdly explores themes of abuse and trauma.

She Hulk The Wrecking Crew

Who is the ‘She-Hulk’ Big Bad?


We dig into She-Hulk Episode 4 and consider the larger threat lurking in the shadows. Are we about to meet an old foe?

Netflix Guide September

What’s New to Stream on Netflix for September 2022


Looking for what’s new to Netflix for September 2022? We have you covered here with a look at everything hitting the streamer this month.

Reality Bites

Gen Z Deserves More Slacker Movies


Here’s a video essay that makes a case for finding the Gen Z equivalent of Richard Linklater.

Godzilla And Mothra The Battle For Earth

How the ‘Mothra’ Trilogy Learned From Its Own Mistakes


Butterfly in the skyyyyyyyyyy I can go twice as hiiiiiiiiiiigh.


Climate Fictions: How Movies Dream About the Future


It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel like watching movies.

Horror Movies Streaming September

All the Horror You Need to Stream in September 2022


Fall is just around the corner — so get those ooky spooky watchlists ready!