Great Expectations

Great Expectations is a recurring series in which Aurora Amidon breaks down the most essential information about a highly-anticipated upcoming movie or show. What you can expect, where you can watch it, and more.

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Captain Marvel Costumes

What to Expect from the ‘Captain Marvel’ Sequel ‘The Marvels’


The sequel to ‘Captain Marvel’ will also be a follow-up to the series ‘Ms. Marvel.’

Scenes From A Marriage Remake

What to Expect from the Remake of Ingmar Bergman’s ‘Scenes From a Marriage’


It’s not easy to follow in Ingmar Bergman’s footsteps. But Hagai Levi is going to try.

Last Night In Soho

What to Expect from Edgar Wright’s ‘Last Night in Soho’


Have you ever wondered what a straight-up horror movie directed by Edgar Wright would look like?

Amazon Cinderella

What to Expect from Amazon’s ‘Cinderella’


This isn’t your classic fairytale.

The French Dispatch True Stories And Characters

What to Expect from Wes Anderson’s ‘The French Dispatch’


Grab your beret and your harpsichord: a new Wes Anderson film is hitting the theaters.

The Eyes Of Tammy Fay Searchlight Pictures

What to Expect from ‘The Eyes of Tammy Faye’


In the upcoming biopic, Jessica Chastain makes the transformation of a lifetime.

Where The Crawdads Sing Cover Final Indd

What to Expect from ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’


We break down all you need to know about the adaptation of Delia Owens’ beloved novel.

No Time to Die

What to Expect from ‘No Time to Die’


It’s Daniel Craig’s final appearance as James Bond. Evidently, he’s planning on making it count.

Dear Evan Hansen Universal Pictures

What to Expect from ‘Dear Evan Hansen’


Your favorite Broadway musical is finally taking to the screen.