The Tao of Cage


The Tao of Nicolas Cage: The Only March Madness Bracket that Matters


As the madness of March dwindles down and the month comes to a close, we present to you the only bracket that matters.


The Tao of Nicolas Cage: Someone in Spain Loves Nic Cage


One fan is celebrating the actor in a truly unique way.

Mandy Still

The Tao of Nicolas Cage: Is 2018 the Year of Cage?


Less than two full months into 2018 and Nicolas Cage already looks to be well on his way to his most prolific year yet.

Looking Glass

The Tao of Nicolas Cage: Voyeurism and Murder Wait Behind the ‘Looking Glass’


Nicolas Cage and Robin Tunney buy a desert motel to escape a troubled past only to stumble upon something much darker behind the Looking Glass.

Superman Lives

The Tao of Nicolas Cage: The Movies that Escaped the Cage


Nicolas Cage has made a career out of interesting film choices. Just as fascinating are the films that never came to be.

Birdy Nicolas Cage Matthew Modine

The Tao of Nicolas Cage: Modine and Cage Fly Under the Radar in ‘Birdy’


In 1984 a baby-faced Nicolas Cage paired with a baby-faced Matthew Modine to star in Alan Parker’s highly underrated ‘Birdy.’

Mom And Dad

The Tao of Nicolas Cage: ‘Mom and Dad’ Just Don’t Understand


Nicolas Cage channels his nurturing parental side and releases some rage on his kids in Mom and Dad, the newest film from director Brian Taylor.

Honeymoon In Vegas

The Tao of Nicolas Cage: Viva ‘Honeymoon in Vegas’


In 1992 Nicolas Cage went to Vegas for the first time. Back then things were goofier and light-hearted.

Matchstick Men

The Tao of Nicolas Cage: 1-2-3-‘Matchstick Men’


In 2003, Nicolas Cage made a movie with Ridley Scott. That movie is called Matchstick Men, and it co-stars Sam Rockwell and Alison Lohman. It’s very, very good.