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Gay Rebel Without A Cause Guy

The Cinematic Origins of the “Bury Your Gays” Cliché


Every trope has an origin story.

Psycho Stair Scene

Anatomy of a Suspense Scene: Alfred Hitchcock’s 4-Part Formula


Or: how to make a scene go off without a Hitch.


How A24 Revived Studio Loyalty


The studio system be like “I lived bitch.”

Strange World Disney

Can We Have More Solarpunk Movies, Please?


Be right back, I’m off to find some overalls and my gardening gloves.

Nope Day For Night

Why “Day for Night” Is So Hard to Pull Off


Lights out! I mean on! Wait, uh —

The Last Of Us Se

Behind the Scenes: How they Filmed ‘The Last of Us’


A deeper dive on the HBO show that’s spore than meets the eye.

To Die For

Let Them Film Cake: A Confectionary Montage


Make a wish!

Inception Mirror Shot

How Filmmakers Make Cameras Disappear in Mirror Shots


Mirror, mirror on the wall … why don’t you reflect the movie camera that is obviously pointed at you?

The Borderlands

Hallowed Ground: Why You Should Watch ‘The Borderlands’


Hope you like the words “cave” and “acid” in the same sentence.