Meg Shields

Meg Shields is the humble farm boy of your dreams and a senior contributor at Film School Rejects. She currently runs three columns at FSR: The Queue, How'd They Do That?, and Horrorscope. She is also a curator for One Perfect Shot and a freelance writer for hire. Meg can be found screaming about John Boorman's 'Excalibur' on Twitter here: @TheWorstNun. (She/Her).
Thelma and Louise ending car

Full Throttle: Re-Thinking the Ending of ‘Thelma and Louise’

By Meg Shields 

“Let’s keep goin’!”

Godzilla Vs Biollante

Big Boys and Mighty Metaphors: The Symbolic Power of the Kaiju

By Meg Shields 

Big boys. Big ideas.

Emily The Criminal

Constraints as Style: The Visual Language of “Emily the Criminal”

By Meg Shields 

When constraints lead to creativity, good things happen.

Avatar The Way Of Water Pandora

Why Pandora is the Thematic Key to ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’

By Meg Shields 

Can you *sea* what James Cameron is doing?

Chewing Gum First Wall Break

Fourth Wall Breaks, Gaze, and the Feminine J’Accuse

By Meg Shields 

Here’s looking at you, audience.

It Follows Cinematography

How the Cinematography in ‘It Follows’ Trains You To Be Paranoid

By Meg Shields 

Thanks, ‘It Follows’ for making a slow pan feel so scary.

Son Of The White Mare

The Stylish Majesty of ‘Son of the White Mare’

By Meg Shields 

An essential pillar of animation horse-tory.

Rrr Action Ss Rajamouli

How to Direct an Action Movie Like SS Rajamouli

By Meg Shields 

Queue the speed ramping.

Last Of Us News Interview John Hannah

What Makes the Prologue from ‘The Last of Us’ So Effective

By Meg Shields 

Exploring what makes the grim prologue of The Last of Us season 1 so effective.