Origin Stories


Hays Code

The Past and Present of Censorship in America


Looking at the Hays Code and beyond, we learn from the past to understand the debate about censorship today.

Once Upon A Time Leo Point

The Evolution of Watching Movies at Home


From old Hollywood releases on television to the new Spike Lee Joint on Netflix, we look at how watching movies at home has evolved since the 1950s.

Shawshank Theater

America’s Early Movie Theater Alternatives


Here are the ways Americans watched films outside of movie theaters long before Blockbuster and the Internet.

Remakes History

Retracing Hollywood’s Fascination with the Remake


Just like the stories they rehash, remakes can be traced to the beginning of Hollywood itself.

Portrait Of A Lady On Fire

How Current Cinema is Decoding Lesbian Stereotypes Forged by the Hays Code


Celine Sciamma’s lesbian love story made by a lesbian filmmaker is more historic than you may realize.

Lonely Oscar

The First Oscar Snubs


Oscar snubs are not new. In fact, their legacy goes all the way back to the beginning of the Academy Awards. We explore in our new column, Origin Stories.