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Every year as part of our annual Rewind series in December we hand out four superlative awards, choosing a single Movie, Filmmaker, Performer, and Scene of the Year. In this archive, you will find our selections for Scene of the Year starting in 2014.

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Scene Of The Year Beatles Get Back

Scene of the Year: The Rooftop Concert in ‘The Beatles: Get Back’


We are told that this is the end for The Beatles, but what we witness on the Apple Corps roof is pure bliss.

Scene Of The Year Borat Rudy Giuliani

Scene of the Year: Rudy Giuliani Behind Closed Doors in ‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’


‘Twas the year of Giuliani humiliation and all through the land, not a creature wasn’t laughing, not even Republicans.

Scene Arya

Scene of the Year: Arya and The Night King


The Shared Experience may be something we’re losing, as a culture, but ‘Game of Thrones’ gave us one last big one before it met its end.

Rewind Scene Always Sunny Static

How ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Delivered The Best Scene of 2018


The best scene of 2018 was also the most surprising. And the one most likely to make you cry.

Rewind Scenes Fury

The Righteous Fury of the Best Scenes of 2017


Two scenes — one from TV and another on the big screen — defined 2017 in raw, impressive, and thrilling ways.

Swiss Army Man

Scene of the Year (2016): Swiss Army Man


Sometimes it’s better to just let your imagination take the wheel.

Mad Max Fury Road Sci Fi

The Best Movie Scene of 2015: The Mad Max: Fury Road Chase. All of it.


Every year, Film School Rejects names a single Scene of the Year. For 2015, that honor goes to all of Mad Max: Fury Road. Here’s why.

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Scene of the Year: The Torturous Moments of ’12 Years a Slave’