Petition Worthy

Petition Worthy is a recurring series that revisits canceled TV shows that we wish had a longer lifespan. In some cases, we’ll also make a plea for them to be given another chance.

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American Vandal

‘American Vandal’ Was Expelled Too Early


The critically acclaimed mockumentary had so much more territory to explore.

Glow end

‘GLOW’ Deserved to End on Its Own Terms


‘GLOW’ was cut short a season early due to COVID-19, but we’re not ready to say goodbye to this bold and empowering series just yet.

God The Devil Bob

‘God, the Devil and Bob’ Was a Misunderstood Animated Sitcom


Matthew Carlson’s short-lived series was the subject of much controversy before anyone had seen a single episode. The fury was uncalled for.

The Class Sitcom

‘The Class’ Was More Ambitious Than Your Average Sitcom


The short-lived sitcom came from reputable creators and featured a star-studded cast, but the format was too experimental for CBS at the time.

Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles

‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ is the Best Continuation of the First Two Movies


The short-lived series brought a fresh vision to the franchise that also complemented its better movies. Let’s revisit Josh Friedman’s excellent show.

The Tick 2017

‘The Tick’ Never Could Catch a Break


Despite always finding some loyal fans, Ben Edlund’s goofy crimefighter just can’t catch a break in the realm of live-action media.

Freaks And Geeks Linda Cardellini

‘Freaks and Geeks’ May Have Been A Little Too Real


The teen TV series continues to resonate with viewers, but the world wasn’t ready for the show when it originally hit the airwaves.


There Was More Moral Ambiguity to Explore For Cinemax’s ‘Quarry’


The Cinemax series brought Max Allan Collins’ iconic pulpy crime institution to the screen in 2016, but viewers didn’t pay attention to its brilliance at the time.


How ‘Hannibal’ Became An Immortal Show


Plenty of shows have been canceled throughout the years, but Bryan Fuller’s cannibalistic treat has the most passionate and ravenous fans.