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Star Trek Picard Season Premiere Explained

Humanity is Once Again on Trial in ‘Star Trek: Picard’


Two classic ‘Star Trek’ villains return, but maybe they’re not the baddies we once thought they were?

Star Trek Prodigy trailer Comic Con At Home

Captain Janeway Returns to the Final Frontier in ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’


Once again, Paramount+ is pushing ‘Star Trek’ into bold new frontiers. Are you ready for a kiddie (all-ages) human adventure?

Star Trek Uss Enterprise starship registry numbers

In New ‘Star Trek,’ is Discovery “A” OK?


We look at the history of Starship registry numbers and why the latest may be a controversial addition to the canon.

Star Trek Discovery Season 3

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3 Still Proposes a Bleak Future


‘Star Trek: Discovery’ season three puts the dreams of the Federation on the individual, reminding the viewer that it’s on them to make a future worthy of the franchise.

Star Trek Lower Decks Cartoon

‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ May Be a Cartoon Comedy, But it is 100% ‘Trek’


The cartoon series happily lampoons your favorite franchise but never betrays the soul of Gene Roddenberry.

Star Trek Lower Decks

‘Star Trek’ Explores its First New Genre in 50 Years with ‘Lower Decks’


The cartoon has the best chance yet for bringing new fans into the franchise.

Nichelle Nichols Uhura Star Trek

On Blaxploitation and Breaking Barriers: The Radical Impact of Nichelle Nichols


Representation matters. Just ask Nichelle Nichols.

Star Trek Discovery Screenshot

‘Star Trek’ Explained: The Promise of ‘Strange New Worlds’


The latest series is designed to appease those who’ve grumbled over the recent batch of ‘Star Trek.’

Binge Header Star Trek Ds

‘Deep Space Nine’ Dared to Go Where No ‘Star Trek’ Had Gone Before


The “bastard child” of the ‘Star Trek’ franchise is better now than when it first aired.