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How David Fincher Seamlessly Merges Motion with Emotion


The director’s camerawork is so precise that it can commandeer your perception.

Hitchcock’s Portrayals of Women, Intimacy, and Sexual Violence


Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic heroines still haunt our perceptions of modern female fear and desire.

Pacific Rim

The Mythic Magnificence of ‘Pacific Rim’


The Guillermo del Toro-directed monster movie is packed with giant mech battles and nuclear explosions, but it also offers a surprisingly heartfelt vision of humanity’s future.


How ‘Black Panther’ Fixed the Marvel Formula


Watch a video about how Ryan Coogler tackles the MCU’s biggest problems.

Get Out Woods

The Tense Terror of the Oscar-Winning ‘Get Out’ Screenplay


This video investigates how Jordan Peele’s Oscar-winning screenplay puts a uniquely unnerving spin on classic horror tropes.

The Mirisch Company

Why Billy Wilder is Deemed the Greatest Screenwriter of All Time


Contemporary writers love his iconic dialogue and hysterically human characters.

John Wayne Face

Why We Love the Old, Grainy Face of Film


This video essay uses Stagecoach to explore the everchanging face of film.


5 Must Watch Video Essays for Hitchcock Fans


If you love Alfred Hitchcock, you’ll love these video essays about his work.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Why We Can’t Get Enough of Steven Spielberg’s Action Scenes


This new video essay shows the legendary director knows that the best action moments are attention-grabbing and character-driven.