Alex Vitti

Excels at only watching the same three shows.
Ghostbusters Czechoslovakian movie posters

A Brief History of Strange Czechoslovakian Movie Posters

By Alex Vitti 

How Czechoslovakia created some of the most interesting film art.

There Will Be Blood

Paul Thomas Anderson: A Connoisseur of Toxic Masculinity

By Alex Vitti 

An exhaustive video essay examines the emotional struggles of the men across this auteur’s filmography.

Carrie Harry Sally

The Unsung Heroes of Romantic Comedies

By Alex Vitti 

The genre’s supporting characters consistently steal the show.


‘Supercon’ Review: Revenge Against the Nerds?

By Alex Vitti 

A crude film that punches down on the audience most likely to enjoy it.


Introducing the Waller-Bridgeian Woman

By Alex Vitti 

How the British comedienne has created a new archetype for women in media.

Stagecoach Best Year In Movies

The Best Year In Movies Was 1939

By Alex Vitti 

The obvious choice is sometimes the right one.

Lady Bird

A Recent History of Movies that Look and Feel like a Memory

By Alex Vitti 

Three fine examples of filmmakers bringing their memories to life for audiences.

Good Time Robert Pattinson

How the Safdie Brothers Test the Limits of Our Empathy

By Alex Vitti 

The duo’s shockingly human characters push the audience to question their innate support of a protagonist.

FilmNation Entertainment

The Tepid Relationship between Romantic Comedies and the Oscars

By Alex Vitti 

Films like ‘The Big Sick’ highlight the glaring blind spot the Academy has towards the lighthearted genre.