Video essays.

Spongebob Squarepants

A Video Essay Guide to Your Favorite Cartoons


From Spongebob to Hey Arnold!, here are five video essays about cartoons that will take you on a trip down memory lane.

The Last Jedi Lightspeed Crash

Creating the Lightspeed Crash in ‘The Last Jedi’


This video essay looks at what went into that breathtaking moment.

Paul Thomas Anderson Shutterstock

A Video Essay Guide to Paul Thomas Anderson


From Boogie Nights to Phantom Thread, here are five video essays about Paul Thomas Anderson you should watch.

There Will Be Blood

Paul Thomas Anderson: A Connoisseur of Toxic Masculinity


An exhaustive video essay examines the emotional struggles of the men across this auteur’s filmography.

Vertigo Kim Novak

A Video Essay Guide to Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Vertigo’


Want to learn more about the Hitchcock masterpiece? Check out these five video essays.

Under the Skin

The Alien Gaze of ‘Under the Skin’


How does Jonathan Glazer’s camera effectively “other” the human world?

Call Me By Your Name / Before Sunrise

Comparing ‘Before Sunrise’ and ‘Call Me By Your Name’


How do these “dreamlike romances” use escapism to heighten our emotional investment?

The Age Of Innocence Article

Why ‘The Age of Innocence’ is Scorsese’s Subtlest Masterpiece


Despite being a bloodless, sexless period drama, ‘The Age of Innocence’ is nevertheless one of Martin Scorsese’s most brutally affecting films.

Kiki's Delivery Service

The Modern-Day Maturity of ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’


How does an animated Japanese fantasy film made in 1989 help us understand the anxieties of young artists today?