Steven Spielberg


War Of The Worlds Tom Cruise

What Critics Said About Steven Spielberg’s ‘War of the Worlds’


In 2005, Tom Cruise faced off against aliens in a film ripe with 9/11 imagery. We explore how its critical reception may have changed over the years.


‘Duel’ Is David vs. Goliath on the Highway to Hell


“A duel is about to begin between a man, a truck, and an open road. Where a simple battle of wits is now a matter of life and death.”


What Makes The ‘Star Wars’ Score Timeless


Strap yourself in as we jump to lightspeed with our new column that takes a look at the music of the greatest franchises around!

Raiders Header

The 50 Most Beautiful Shots of the ‘Indiana Jones’ Franchise


From bullwhips to silhouettes, we look at the most beautiful 50 shots from the ‘Indiana Jones’ films.

Batteries Not Included

How ‘Batteries Not Included’ Began Life as a Planned ‘Amazing Stories’ Episode


Of course, Brad Bird’s involvement in any episode of the show always led to them taking on a life of their own.

As The Cellar

‘Amazing Stories’ Is Back With Optimism, Romance, and That Killer John Williams Theme


Dylan O’Brien and Victoria Pedretti headline the first episode of the brand new ‘Amazing Stories.’

No Featured Image

Spielberg, Tarkovsky, and the Power of an Invisible Long Take


Sometimes the most impressive long-take is one you don’t notice is a long-take.

Jeff Goldblum

A Deep Dive Into the Glorious Expanse of Jeff Goldblum’s Chest


What is it about Jeff Goldblum that gets the people going? His bare chest in Jurassic Park, for one.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Indiana Jones Was Made in a Day


Examining the birth of cinema’s greatest adventurer as seen in the opening scene of ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.’