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Fsr Bestsummermovies Jurassicpark

The Best Summer Movie Ever is ‘Jurassic Park’


What does the perfect movie look like? Here’s your answer.

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Emily Carmichael On Making Blockbusters That Matter


We chat with the action-adventure writer/director about living the Hollywood dream with integrity.

Spielberg And Raiders

Steven Spielberg Is Heading to the DCEU With ‘Blackhawk’


A WWII ace fighter pilot focused comic book movie is a perfect fit for the director.

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Netflix Quits Cannes And Maybe That’s Okay


“The festival has chosen to celebrate distribution rather than the art of cinema. We are 100% about the art of cinema.” – Netflix’s Ted Sarandos

Ready Player One Battle

Janusz Kaminski is Concerned About Digital Cinematography


The ‘Ready Player One’ DP believes he lost his voice in the new movie’s visual effects. 

Best Year In Movies Was

The Best Year in Movies Was 1975


At the end of the Vietnam War and the middle of the Sexual Revolution, 1975 marked a profound change in the films people wanted to see.

Catch Me If You Can

‘Catch Me If You Can’ is Spielberg’s Definitive ‘Peter Pan’ Adaptation


The director’s 2002 caper is a far more loyal–and impactful–Peter Pan story than notorious misstep Hook could ever be.

Ready Player One Ranking List

‘Ready Player One’ is Steven Spielberg’s Most Crowd-Pleasing Hit in Over a Decade


The combination of its reviews, audience ratings, and box office success ranks the movie among the filmmakers’ most favored works. 

Spielberg through Children's Eyes: ET

Steven Spielberg: Through Children’s Eyes


With ‘Ready Player One,’ Spielberg continues to present a world full of endless possibility.