Steven Spielberg


Jaws Axial Cut

The Axial Cut Explained and Why Filmmakers Use It


And … [axial] cut!

Turner Classic Movies

A World Without Turner Classic Movies


If TCM doesn’t last under David Zaslav, we lose much more than just a television channel.

David Newman West Side Story

How David Newman Protected Leonard Bernstein with ‘West Side Story’


We chat with the composer about his role in the remake and why he was hired to stand guard over Leonard Bernstein’s music.

Ai Artificial Intelligence

‘A.I. Artificial Intelligence’ and the Question of Robotic Love


Are machines really capable of feeling emotion? And what is love, really, anyway?

Steven Spielberg At Cannes

A Brief History of Steven Spielberg and Netflix


Steven Spielberg has signed a new multi-film deal with Netflix, but the two weren’t always friends.

Raiders of the Lost Ark opening

An Indy Darling: John Williams and ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’


As ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ turns 40, Charlie Brigden explores how composer John Williams gave Indiana Jones his groove.

Whoopi Goldberg In The Color Purple

No One Made a Better Film Debut than Whoopi Goldberg in ‘The Color Purple’


Legendary acting teacher Uta Hagen gave Goldberg the tools she needed to create her revelatory performance.

Steven Spielberg Dinner Table Scenes Et

How Steven Spielberg Dramatizes the Dinner Table


Here’s a look at all the humble, but essential, scenes in the films of Steven Spielberg that center around the dinner table.

Close Encounters Of Third Kind sequel Night Skies

The Fruitful Failure of Steven Spielberg’s ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ Sequel


Steven Spielberg’s ‘Night Skies’ was never made, but what audiences wound up getting instead was much better.