Film Noir

film noir The Third Man

The Dark Beauty of Film Noir in 50 Perfect Shots


In an attempt to capture the visual brilliance of film noir in one place, The Nitrate Diva presents 50 beautiful shots from the best of the genre.

Blade Runner

What I’ve Seen With Your Eyes: The Influences of ‘Blade Runner’


From architects to comic strips: How Blade Runner blends media to create postmodern poetry.

Kiss Of Death Widmark The Giggler

Celebrating the Giggling Horror of ‘Kiss of Death’


70 years after its release, Kiss of Death still terrifies with Richard Widmark’s magnificent scene-stealer.

Fire Walk With Me Watching Recommendation Videosixteenbyninejumbo V

Dramatic Irony and Character Deaths


We explore the cinematic trope wherein a character dies at the beginning of the plot.

No Featured Image

The Naked Forest: ‘Twin Peaks’ and Film Noir


A video essay explores connections on the surface and below.

Film Noir Noirvember

7 Essential Films to Watch in Noirvember


A film noir primer.