Film Noir

The Lovebirds

Watch ‘The Lovebirds,’ Then Watch These Movies


We recommend 14 movies to watch after you stream the Netflix comedy starring Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani.

Barbara Stanwyck In Double Indemnity

The Seductive Power of the Femme Fatale


This trope offers a complex portrait of irresistible female villainy.


Exploring the Cartoon Noir Cinematography of ‘Detective Pikachu’


“Play it again, Salamence.”

Detective Pikachu

Watch ‘Detective Pikachu,’ Then Watch These Movies


We recommend 8 movies to watch after you see the new Pokémon video game adaptation.

Propaganda Films Red Rock West

The Infectious Cinephilia of ‘Red Rock West’


For a film rich with twists and turns, Red Rock West’s journey to the big screen was fittingly circuitous.

Mandy Still

Nicolas Cage Takes a Stab at Noir with ‘Kill Chain’


With a little help from madman Cage, Millennium Films continues its domination over the Cannes marketplace.

Margot Robbie In Terminal

Margot Robbie Seduces The Entire Criminal Underworld In First ‘Terminal’ Trailer


Robbie is sexy and stylish in the trailer for her new film, but will the rest of it measure up?

Le cercle rouge

The Signature Style of Jean-Pierre Melville


Raw Deal

The Pinnacle of Noir Cinematography In ‘Raw Deal’


1948 saw one of the best-shot noirs ever filmed