Angela Morrison

Actual film school graduate from Toronto. Always thinking and writing about queerness, feminism, camp, melodrama, and popular culture.
Binge Header Mad Men

‘Mad Men’ is a Beautiful Slow Burn

By Angela Morrison 

The show’s attention to detail and complex characters make for a unique binge-watching experience.

Spy Comedy Movies

The Evergreen Appeal of Spy Comedies

By Angela Morrison 

A brief history of a beloved subgenre.

Gretel Hansel

Osgood Perkins Ascends With The Atmospheric ‘Gretel & Hansel’

By Angela Morrison 

Oz Perkins continues to prove himself as a horror auteur.

Todd Haynes Dark Waters

Todd Haynes: Master of Melodrama

By Angela Morrison 

Big emotions, endless conflict, and beautiful surfaces are the director’s trademark.

Decade Rewind Amy Adams

Amy Adams: A Decade of Awards-Worthy Performances

By Angela Morrison 

Sometimes major awards do not reflect an actress’s true talent.

Barbara Stanwyck In Double Indemnity

The Seductive Power of the Femme Fatale

By Angela Morrison 

This trope offers a complex portrait of irresistible female villainy.

Paris Is Burning

‘Paris is Burning’ and the Legacy of New York Ballroom Culture

By Angela Morrison 

From Pose to Blood Orange to Drag Race, this influential queer documentary lives on.

Death Proof

‘Death Proof,’ Grindhouse, and the Women of Exploitation Cinema

By Angela Morrison 

Tarantino’s love for grindhouse movies is on full display in his sixth feature.

Jake G Spiderman

The Weird and Wonderful Jake Gyllenhaal

By Angela Morrison 

From Donnie Darko to Spider-Man, there is no such thing as a boring Jake G performance.