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That 90s Show

That ’90s Show Is An Endearing Encore To A Sitcom Favorite


That ‘90s Show is shaping up to be a worthy sequel to a much-loved sitcom comfort watch.

Mayfair Witches Tv Review

AMC’s ‘Mayfair Witches’ Lacks Some Necessary Magic


The second entry into AMC’s Anne Rice universe stars Alexandra Daddario as a neurosurgeon with a witchy family history.


‘M3gan’ Delivers Four-Feet of Freaky Fun


Watch out Sia, M3gan’s coming for you…

Corsage Review Vicky Krieps

Vicky Krieps Gives a Rich, Timeless Performance in ‘Corsage’


Vicky Krieps gives a stunning performance in ‘Corsage,’ a period film that seems to transcend the time in which it is set.

Margot Robbie in Babylon

‘Babylon’ Is Chaos Personified — But That Becomes Part Of the Charm in Its Mess


Damien Chazelle wants to dance his dance again, but this time, the Hollywood bacchanalia won’t save him from his cinema sins.

Noah Centineo in The Recruit

Noah Centineo-Led ‘The Recruit’ Is A Brisk and Breezy Spy Dramedy


Centineo stars in this fun, frothy Netflix dramedy series about a new CIA recruit thrown into the deepest of deep ends.

Helen Mirren in the premiere episode of 1923 - Review

The Premiere of ‘1923’ Finds Promise and Pain in the 20th Century


Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren star in the latest Yellowstone prequel, which also features plots following a rugged safari hunter and a Native American residential school student.