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Triangle Of Sadness

‘Triangle of Sadness’ Desperately Wants What ‘Parasite’ Has


It’s always fun when a film with THIS much projectile vomit wins the Palme.

The Beast Bluray

‘The Beast’ Roars and Rolls to Life on Blu-ray from Imprint Films


Plus worldwide Blu-ray debuts of ‘Nobody’s Fool,’ ‘The Music of Chance,’ and Ken Russell’s ‘Whore.’

Weird The Al Yankovic Story

‘Weird’ Rides or Dies on Letting Daniel Radcliffe Be a Little Freak


I mean… how are we supposed to take Weird Al Yankovic SERIOUSLY after this?


Immigrant Horror-Drama ‘Nanny’ Spotlights the Talent of Anna Diop


Thus begins our “cast Anna Diop in everything campaign.”

One Fine Morning Tiff

‘One Fine Morning’ Is Brilliant And Touching, Except When It’s Not


How to separate the optimists from the pessimists: is the film half good or half bad?

The Fablemans Review Steven Spielberg

‘The Fabelmans’ is a Personal Journey Through Memories and Moviemaking


As long as Spielberg is at the helm, a love letter to film isn’t cliche, it’s genius.

Mia Goth is Pearl

‘Pearl’ Survives Solely on the Strength of its Stellar Lead Performance


You might fall asleep during this one, but make sure you wake up for the end credits.