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Doctor X

Black, White, and Red All Over: The First Color Horror Movies


Well, two-strip Technicolor is red AND green but you get the idea.

Everything Everywhere All At Once

How They Made ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ On A Budget


I guess you could say that the budget could not be “everything everywhere all at once.”

Spider Man Into The Spider Verse Crowd Shot

Why ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ Changed Animation


More like: into the “no-more-photorealism-Verse.”

Pather Panchali

An Intro to Satyajit Ray: The Master Who Changed World Cinema


From how to work with children to the importance of creative control, here’s a look at how Satyajit Ray directs.

Seven Listening

Sounds Thrilling: The Sound Design of David Fincher


*keystrokes intensify*

Un Chien Andalou

A Beginner’s Guide to Early Surrealist Films


Sliced eyes and stuttering geometry? Sounds like surrealism to us.

Nothing But Trouble

We Need to Talk About How Weird ‘Nothing But Trouble’ Is


“They’re Brazillionaires. They have breakfast at 2 pm in the afternoon.”

Spring Breakers Piano

Why ‘Spring Breakers’ Marked the End of the Indie Sleaze


Here’s a video essay on why Harmony Korine’s ‘Spring Breakers’ is the candy-colored punctuation mark at the end of the era of Indie Sleaze.


Pulling at ‘Threads’: The Bleak Anti-War Film You Need to Watch


Anyone check on the Doomsday clock lately?