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Following Nolan

How ‘Following’ Set the Pace for Christopher Nolan’s Career


Following walked so that Christopher Nolan’s career could run.

Decision To Leave

How “Decision to Leave” Weaponizes Misdirection


Every director gets to make a Hitchcock.

Heaven's Gate Dead Guy

The Day New Hollywood Died


New Hollywood is dead, long live New Hollywood.

Crimes Of The Future

In Profile: The Art of the Cinematic Close-Up


/Are/ you ready for your close-up, Mr. DeMille?

Best Video Essays 2022

The Best Video Essays of 2022


Sit back, relax: you might learn something.

The Last Broadcast

The Prescient Faux-Documentary Horror of ‘The Last Broadcast’


Tulpas, truthiness, and the terrifying early days of web forms … ‘The Last Broadcast’ was truly ahead of its time.

Subtle Performance Burning

Small Parts: In Praise of The Quiet Screen Performance


Sometimes the “most” acting isn’t the “best” acting.

The Last Unicorn

Remembering ‘The Last Unicorn’: Rankin/Bass’ Cult Classic


Rankin AND Bass? In THIS economy?

Diagetic Sound Design Quiet Place

The Beginner’s Guide to Diegetic and Non-Diegetic Sound Design


Hey did you hear that? If you’re a character in a movie, it’s probably diegetic.