Richard Linklater

Before Sunset Linklater Hawke Delpy

What the ‘Before’ Trilogy Gets Right About Relationships


Richard Linklater has a lot to teach us about falling and staying in love.

Lady Bird

A Recent History of Movies that Look and Feel like a Memory


Three fine examples of filmmakers bringing their memories to life for audiences.


Highlights from a SXSW Conversation with Olivier Assayas


The director of Personal Shopper sits down with the director of Boyhood to talk filmmaking.

before sunrise

Brushing Up On Conversation with the ‘Before’ Trilogy


Some of the talkingest films ever made (that weren’t even made by Quentin Tarantino) teach us how to talk better.

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‘Last Flag Flying’ Review: Somber, Worthwhile, Lacking Linklater’s Signature Ease


Reunited decades after the Vietnam War, three old friends find themselves on the road with a heartbreaking mission and dark secret.

Dazed And Confused hangout film

Making Something Out of Nothing: How Richard Linklater Makes Mundanity Exciting


Just hangin’ out is never just hangin’ out.