Tomris Laffly

Freelance writer and film critic based in New York. Bylines at Film Journal, Time Out NY, Movie Mezzanine, Indiewire, and others.
The Meg Shotbyshot

‘The Meg’ Review: Jason Statham Vehicle Offers Thrills That Are ‘Meh’ at Best

By Tomris Laffly 

This poorly sketched shark flick should have been bolder, cornier, and bloodier.

Mission Impossible Fallout X

‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout” Review: One of the Best Chapters of Hollywood’s Greatest Action Franchise

By Tomris Laffly 

Tom Cruise continues to do what he does best: be a movie star in mind-blowing stunts.


One of 2018’s Best Films, ‘Custody’ Tells a Brutal Story About Domestic Violence

By Tomris Laffly 

“I consider a scene to be a small story in itself. Each scene must construct the organic narrative of the greater story told.” Writer-director Xavier Legrand

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Image

‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Review: It’s Time to Bring This Dino Franchise to a Close

By Tomris Laffly 

J. A. Bayona’s Fallen Kingdom is immensely more watchable than its predecessor, but it’s still a pointless and visually exhausting chapter in a tired series.

On Chesil Beach

Dominic Cooke’s Excellent ‘On Chesil Beach’ Grasps the Seriousness of Young Sex

By Tomris Laffly 

Saoirse Ronan and Billy Howle give aching performances as an inexperienced early-60s couple with a tragically short-lived marriage.


Diablo Cody On ‘Tully’, Motherhood, and Her Collaboration With Jason Reitman

By Tomris Laffly 

“There’s a darker side to [motherhood]. I know so many people who have suffered from postpartum depression.”

Tribeca Header

Highlights from Tribeca’s ‘Schindler’s List’ 25th Anniversary Reunion

By Tomris Laffly 

Steven Spielberg and cast on their arduous journey of making the 1993 classic.


With Its Empowering, Sex-Positive Message, ‘Blockers’ is Essential Viewing

By Tomris Laffly 

Kay Cannon’s big-hearted comedy has no patience for sexist double-standards.

Isle Of Dogs Wes Anderson

‘Isle of Dogs’ Cast and Creators on Bringing the World of Canines to Life

By Tomris Laffly 

Wes Anderson and his collaborators provide insight into the way they brought ‘Isle of Dogs’ to life.