Alfred Hitchcock


Hitchcock’s Portrayals of Women, Intimacy, and Sexual Violence


Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic heroines still haunt our perceptions of modern female fear and desire.

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A Brief History Of Directors Remaking Their Own Films And What We Can Learn From Them


From the blatantly unoriginal remake to the beneficial opportunity for improvement, the practice always has interesting results.


5 Must Watch Video Essays for Hitchcock Fans


If you love Alfred Hitchcock, you’ll love these video essays about his work.

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Listen to the Greats Discuss ‘Vertigo,’ Hitchcock’s Magnum Opus


Watch a video essay about why Vertigo resonates so profoundly with filmmakers.

Rebecca Crop

Exploring the Relationship Between ‘Citizen Kane’ and ‘Rebecca’


What can we learn by juxtaposing these two classic movies?

Vertigo Memory

How the Dangers of Memory Affect Characters


Unsurprisingly, there is a downside to clinging to manipulated and distorted memories.

Screen Shot At Pm

Why Hitchcock Altered the Opening Sequence of ‘Notorious’


Watch a video essay examining how Alfred Hitchcock set up a motif.

Francois Truffaut Day For Night

When Fran├žois Truffaut’s Life Imitated His Art


A filmmaker becomes his own character.

Train Movies Murder On The Orient Express

5 Train Movies for Every Movie Lover


To mark the release of Murder on the Orient Express, we’ve compiled a list of five train movies for every kind of movie fan.