Alfred Hitchcock


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Hitchcock’s Cary Grant: A Man at Work


Cary Grant starred in four Alfred Hitchcock films. Here’s how all the characters he played are related.

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Bernard Herrmann’s Remarkable, Unnerving Gift to Cinema


An overview of the career of one of America’s greatest composers.

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Grace Kelly

A Beginner’s Guide to Grace Kelly


In 1954, Grace Kelly starred in Dial ‘M’ For Murder, Rear Window, and a third film for which she won an Academy Award. Not bad, right?

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Watch Out For Mrs: Comparing Hitchcock’s ‘Rebecca’ and ‘Psycho’


What goes up, must come down. A look at two staircase scenes from two Hitchcock masterpieces.

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The Best Year in Movies Was 1959


Between John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, and Alfred Hitchcock, 1959 has it all.

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Examining How Films Effectively Utilize Cliché


These three films use cliché the right way.