Yes, we also cover plenty of movie and TV industry news. But we always try to infuse our news aggregation with insightful commentary, unique perspective, and the same irreverent spirit that has made FSR the publication it is today.

Presently, we are the host to several excellent recurring columns that cover current events:

  • Box Office Report — a weekly column in which senior editor Christopher Campbell unpacks each weekend’s box office results by looking not at dollar amounts, but the number of tickets sold.
  • Brief History — a weekly column in which Will DiGravio provides a concise guide to everything you need to know about the history behind various pop culture topics.
  • Entering the Discourse — a thrice-weekly column in which Mary Beth McAndrews digs into who is saying what about new releases and upcoming projects.
  • Great Expectations — a thrice-weekly column in which Aurora Amidon breaks down the most essential information about a highly-anticipated upcoming release — everything from release dates to weird fan theories.
  • Real Stories — a weekly column in which Will DiGravio explores the truth behind upcoming film and TV adaptations.
  • Shot by Shot — a recurring series in which we break down an interesting new movie or TV trailer one shot at a time.
  • The Queue — a thrice-weekly column in which Meg Shields offers up a daily online video worthy of your attention, curated specifically for those who love the art of filmmaking.

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