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The Narrative Immersion of the Tracking Shot

By Pierce Singgih 

Watch this video essay that demonstrates how tracking shots take audiences into and through a film along with the characters.

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‘The Kill Team’ Remake to Star Nat Wolff and Alexander Skarsgård

By Pierce Singgih 

Dan Krauss will direct a dramatic retelling of his own award-winning war documentary.

Ewan McGregor to Play Batman Villain Black Mask in ‘Birds of Prey’

By Pierce Singgih 

The DC movie is filling out with exuberant talent, as the actor joins stars Margot Robbie and Mary Elizabeth Winstead in the antagonist role.

Birdman Over The Shoulder

The Narrative Benefits of the Long Take

By Pierce Singgih 

Watch this video essay about a cinematography technique keeps you engaged with your setting, characters, and plot by keeping entire scenes uninterrupted by cuts.

Michael Keaton Spotlight

Michael Keaton and Seth Rogen Cast in the Outlandish True Story of John McAfee

By Pierce Singgih 

‘King of the Jungle’ will detail McAfee’s descent from millionaire tech magnate to paranoid drug hustler.


‘Rick and Morty’ Writer to Captain New ‘Star Trek’ Animated Series

By Pierce Singgih 

Mike McMahan will develop ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks,’ bringing the franchise into profound and hilarious animation space.

Moonrise Centered

The Enhancing Nature of the Lens Plot

By Pierce Singgih 

Watch this video essay about a cinematography technique that draws viewers deeper into the story.


Shaquille O’Neal Has a Shot at an Oscar

By Pierce Singgih 

The former star of ‘Kazaam’ and ‘Steel’ produced the awards-hopeful documentary ‘Killer Bees.’


Netflix Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Cancel Some Marvel Shows

By Pierce Singgih 

There are few reasons to stick around to the Marvel Netflix Universe. We break down why they should cease to continue.