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Producer Gail Barringer on Striking the Perfect Balance in ‘Luke Cage’

By Pierce Singgih 

We talk to Gail Barringer about how ‘Luke Cage’ blends an engaging story with an ode to Harlem, a socially important message, engaging action, and soulful music.

Under The Tree

‘Under The Tree’ Review: Grief and Sorrow Blind Rationality

By Pierce Singgih 

Eventually, Under the Tree sinks your soul into unexpected hopelessness and despair, but its introspective story and stark foreignness provide a poignant escape from the mindless summer blockbusters we’re so inundated with.

Director Taylor Sheridan On The Set Of Wind River

The Failed Fathers Behind Taylor Sheridan’s Neo-Westerns

By Pierce Singgih 

Taylor Sheridan’s films are about failed fathers overcoming their failures.

Gt Sg

A Guide to the Marvel Netflix Universe

By Pierce Singgih 

As ‘Luke Cage’ returns, we help distinguish which Marvel Netflix shows are actually worth watching.

Anthony Bourdain Cuba

Anthony Bourdain’s Inquisitive Media Career

By Pierce Singgih 

Let’s take a look back at Bourdain’s incredible career, from his socially conscious food and travel shows to the docuseries he produced, and the comic book he co-wrote.

Jim Carrey Truman Show

It’s The Truman Show and We’re All Living in It

By Pierce Singgih 

The lives we live today reflect the broadcasted reality depicted in Peter Weir’s satirical, sci-fi comedy.

Fsr Bestsummermovies Spiderman

The Best Summer Movie Ever is ‘Spider-Man 2’

By Pierce Singgih 

Spider-Man 2’s emotional and calculated story stands above modern summer flicks.