Pierce Singgih

Lover of coffee, the emdash, and General Hux. Journalism student at Biola University in Los Angeles.
Fantastic Mr Fox Stop Motion Video Essay

The Under-Appreciated Craft of Stop-Motion Animation

By Pierce Singgih 

This video essay reminds you that stop-motion’s tireless and timeless style pushes the boundaries of our imagination with outstanding passion and dedication.


Ansel Elgort Takes a Dark Turn in ‘Jonathan’ Trailer

By Pierce Singgih 

The ‘Baby Driver’ actor plays two minds in one body in the upcoming sci-fi movie.

Ex Machina

This Video Essay Will Make You Think Hard About Consciousness in Film

By Pierce Singgih 

Watch this video essay about the depiction of consciousness in film.

Simple Wedding Film

‘Simple Wedding’ Review: A Cross-Cultural Commentary on Love (LAFF)

By Pierce Singgih 

This hilarious yet sincere dramedy questions how our identities are forged through culture and society.

Banana Split Laff

‘Banana Split’ Review: A Real Split of Authenticity and Insincerity (LAFF)

By Pierce Singgih 

This coming-of-age film hilariously illustrates the best friendship but is stifled by moments of disingenuous emotion.

Behind The Curve Laff

‘Behind the Curve’ Review: Explore the Minds and Hearts of Flat Earth Theorists

By Pierce Singgih 

More than their absurd theory, this documentary takes a behind the scenes look at the lives of flat-Earthers.

The Oath

‘The Oath’ Review: A Hilarious Commentary on American Division (LAFF)

By Pierce Singgih 

Ike Barinholtz’s directorial debut presents the calamity and violence of politics at Thanksgiving dinner.

We Have Always Lived In The Castle Laff

‘We Have Always Lived in the Castle’ Review: A Complex Character Study Draped in Gothic Mystery (LAFF)

By Pierce Singgih 

Intricate characters, horrific backgrounds, and an overall peculiarity makes this film a deep, but weird watch.

Clovehitchkiller Laff

‘The Clovehitch Killer’ Review: Mystery Collides With Fundamentalism, Secrecy, and Sexual Repression (LAFF)

By Pierce Singgih 

The serial killer mystery receives an exciting, fresh take that demonstrates the dangers of restrictions.