Matthew Monagle

Matthew Monagle is an Austin-based film and culture critic. His work has appeared in a true hodgepodge of regional and national film publications. He is also the editor and co-founder of Certified Forgotten, an independent horror publication. Follow him on Twitter at @labsplice. (He/Him)
Hostiles Scott Cooper

Scott Cooper on ‘Hostiles’ and the Need for Authentic Creative Collaboration

By Matthew Monagle 

“Regardless of how much research I could do on my own, I needed to have a firm understand from those who’ve lived it, whose forbearers have lived it, and quite honestly, are still living it today.”

Wes Ball Maze Runner Trilogy

Wes Ball Talks the ‘Maze Runner’ Trilogy and the Importance of an Ever-Expanding Universe

By Matthew Monagle 

“It’s not like the climax of our movie is in a bigger maze with a bigger Griever.”

Blockers Quiet Place

In ‘A Quiet Place’ and ‘Blockers,’ Youth Is Served

By Matthew Monagle 

This weekend at the multiplex, two genres films show what happens when Generation Z starts taking matters into its own hands.

No Featured Image

‘True Detective’ and the Unadaptable Nic Pizzolatto

By Matthew Monagle 

We try to figure out what, if anything, Jeremy Saulnier’s departure from ‘True Detective’ means for the future of the show.

Jesus Christ Superstar John Legend

Try Not To Get Worried About NBC’s ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’

By Matthew Monagle 

With ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ coming to the small screen this weekend, we’re about to see how exactly how much political juice this 46-year-old musical still possesses.

Come Sunday Chiwetel Ejiofor

Should More Religious Films Openly Challenge Religious Beliefs?

By Matthew Monagle 

The first trailer for ‘Come Sunday’ promises a film about, but not exclusively for, religion. Shouldn’t that become the norm?


‘Galveston’ Review: A Lively Rendition of an Old Cinema Standard

By Matthew Monagle 

There may be plenty of familiar beats in Mélanie Laurent’s film, but ‘Galveston’ proves the right performers can make any tune dance.

A Man Sat At A Table Reading A Movies A Z Book

Everyone Should Strive to Be a Better Film Critic

By Matthew Monagle 

Should you learn the history of the industry or focus on your skills as a writer? When it comes to film criticism, the answer to both is yes.


‘Blockers’ Review: Not Even John Cena Can Outshine This Film’s Young Stars

By Matthew Monagle 

‘Blockers’ is a battle between two movies: a solid R-rated adult comedy and a raunchy teen comedy for the ages.