Matthew Monagle

Matthew Monagle is an Austin-based film and culture critic. His work has appeared in a true hodgepodge of regional and national film publications. He is also the editor and co-founder of Certified Forgotten, an independent horror publication. Follow him on Twitter at @labsplice. (He/Him)
Bomb City

‘Bomb City’ Is a Timely Tale of Inevitable Violence and Unchecked Injustice

By Matthew Monagle 

In his debut feature, director James Brooks turns the true story behind ‘Bomb City’ into a dark slide towards unavoidable violence.

Business Man Signing A Contract (123RF)

The #MeToo Movement Has Found Its Way Into Hollywood Contracts

By Matthew Monagle 

After months of sexual harassment reports, Hollywood begins to lay the foundation for more rigorous morality clauses and corporate codes of ethics.

Netflix The Cloverfield Paradox

Streaming Etiquette for the Post-‘Cloverfield’ World

By Matthew Monagle 

Netflix showed us a new form of film distribution this past weekend. Now we need to update our streaming etiquette to match.

Annihilation Poster

Netflix’s New International Release Strategy Might Mean Great Things for Hollywood Films

By Matthew Monagle 

As Netflix snaps up distribution rights abroad, studios have an opportunity to make movies that don’t chase global box office success.

Cloverfield Lane

Hollywood Should Start Borrowing Pages From the ‘Cloverfield’ Playbook

By Matthew Monagle 

The ‘Cloverfield’ series has shown that original screenplays and major studio franchises are just one or two rewrites from a match made in heaven.

The Maze Runner The Death Cure

The ‘Maze Runner’ Franchise Has Earned the Right to Go Out On Its Own Terms

By Matthew Monagle 

We look back at the first two ‘Maze Runner’ films, wildly entertaining mashups of dystopian and post-apocalyptic cinema.

No Featured Image

A Eulogy for Scott Cooper’s Oscar-Snubbed ‘Hostiles’

By Matthew Monagle 

This film will be remembered long after some of the actual Oscar nominees are forgotten.

'12 Strong'

How Do We Make Movies About a War That Never Ends?

By Matthew Monagle 

Entertaining or not, movies like ’12 Strong’ show the difficulty in trying to understand the Afghanistan War from within.

Lady Bird Audition

Will 2018 Be the Year Jon Brion Finally Gets Nominated for an Academy Award?

By Matthew Monagle 

It’s time for the Academy to recognize the work of one of Hollywood’s most talented film composers.