Matthew Monagle

Matthew Monagle is an Austin-based film and culture critic. His work has appeared in a true hodgepodge of regional and national film publications. He is also the editor and co-founder of Certified Forgotten, an independent horror publication. Follow him on Twitter at @labsplice. (He/Him)
Eighth Grade

Celebrate 50 Years of MPAA Ratings With Unrestricted ‘Eighth Grade’ Screenings

By Matthew Monagle 

In a bold move, A24 is making its new coming-of-age movie available to the actual 8th graders of the world.

Miles Ahead Don Cheadle

The Movies I Saw in Theaters Because of MoviePass

By Matthew Monagle 

If the end is indeed at hand for MoviePass, here are the films where MoviePass made a difference for one critic.

Teen Titans Go To The Movies

Should More Superhero Movies Be Animated?

By Matthew Monagle 

‘Teen Titans Go! To The Movies’ makes the case for animated superhero movies to be more than just studio B-sides.

Ghost Protocol

Death and Tom Cruise are the Only Constants in the ‘Mission: Impossible’ Franchise

By Matthew Monagle 

The death of one minor ‘Mission: Impossible’ character says a lot about the franchise’s common ground.

Unfriended 2 Dark Web

‘Unfriended: Dark Web’ Joins ‘A Quiet Place’ in Revealing the Horrors of Ableism

By Matthew Monagle 

Two of 2018’s high-profile horror films explore what happens when deaf characters are treated by their loved ones as a liability instead of strength.

The Equalizer 2, Denzel Washington

Does ‘The Equalizer 2’ Signal the End of the Old Man Action Movie?

By Matthew Monagle 

Even Denzel Washington’s latest action movie recognizes the end of an era and adjusts accordingly.

'Skyscraper' Dwayne Johnson

Why Isn’t ‘Skyscraper’ a Better Dwayne Johnson Vehicle?

By Matthew Monagle 

Dwayne Johnson may be many things, but ‘Skyscraper’ shows a blockbuster everyman isn’t one of them.

Nanette Hannah Gadsby

Netflix’s ‘Nanette’ and the Importance of Uncomfortable Conversations

By Matthew Monagle 

If you don’t feel welcomed by Hannah Gadsby’s new Netflix special, that’s not an invitation to leave.

Hotel Transylvania 3

Paid Advance Movie Screenings Are Becoming the New Normal

By Matthew Monagle