Mary Beth McAndrews

Mary Beth McAndrews thinks found footage is good and will fight you if you say otherwise. When she's not writing, she's searching for Mothman with her two cats. Follow her on Twitter @mbmcandrews. (She/Her)

The Complicated Power of Princess Mononoke’s Villain, Lady Eboshi

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

Lady Eboshi may want to destroy the environment in the name of progress and utopia, but she isn’t as villainous as she seems.

Tcm Final Girl

The History and Transformation of the Final Girl

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

The trope carries implications of strength, perseverance, and resilience. But where did the Final Girl come from, and how has she changed?

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In ‘Alien’ Horror Comes In The Form of Labor Exploitation

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

In space, no one can hear you scream. But, in space, can anyone hear you work? Ridley Scott’s sci-fi masterpiece asks that question.

Bc Fa Aade

Why ‘Uzumaki’ is Finally Becoming an Anime

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

Prepare to be terrified of spirals. But why spirals?

Jeff Goldblum

A Deep Dive Into the Glorious Expanse of Jeff Goldblum’s Chest

By Mary Beth McAndrews 

What is it about Jeff Goldblum that gets the people going? His bare chest in Jurassic Park, for one.