Emily Kubincanek

Emily Kubincanek is a Senior Contributor for Film School Rejects and resident classic Hollywood fan. When she's not writing about old films, she works as a librarian and film archivist. You can find her tweeting about Cary Grant and hockey here: @emilykub_

The Nonfiction Elements at Play in ‘The Tale’

By Emily Kubincanek 

Nonfiction storytellers often struggle with memory, truth, and trauma, but Jennifer Fox handles them beautifully.

true crime documentary The Keepers

The Guide to a Perfect True Crime Documentary

By Emily Kubincanek 

A compelling case isn’t all it takes to make a compelling documentary, but these tips will help.

Hedy Lamarr Glamorous Portrait Of Movie Actress Hedy Lamarr Wearing White Fox Fur Short Jacket

‘Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story’ Unearths a Modern Inspiration

By Emily Kubincanek 

Why the actress and inventor’s story matters today, and where you can watch it for free.

Margot Robbie In Terminal

‘Terminal’ Review: Heavy on References, Light on Substance

By Emily Kubincanek 

The striking cinematography isn’t enough of a red herring to distract audiences from a convoluted story.

Odd Couple

‘The Odd Couple’ 50th Anniversary: We Still Don’t Fail to See the Humor!

By Emily Kubincanek 

Only a dynamic comedy duo like Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau can find the comedy in even the hopeless of characters.

Gotg Infinity

The Guardians of the Galaxy Outperformed Everyone in ‘Infinity War’

By Emily Kubincanek 

Bringing the best jokes and the saddest death, the Guardians were the best part of Marvel’s newest blockbuster.

Some Like It Hot

A Beginner’s Guide to Watching Classic Movies on Amazon Prime

By Emily Kubincanek 

How anyone from a newbie to a seasoned classic movie fan can find Prime’s hidden old gems.

Fsr Bestsummermovies Airplane

The Best Summer Movie Ever is ‘Airplane!’

By Emily Kubincanek 

The best cure for the sweltering summer is comedy and ‘Airplane!’ has plenty.

Writing About Women Telling Stories: An Interview with ‘The Post’ Screenwriter Liz Hannah

By Emily Kubincanek 

We chat with Liz Hannah about true stories and the responsibility screenwriters have writing scripts today.