Emily Kubincanek

Emily Kubincanek is a Senior Contributor for Film School Rejects and resident classic Hollywood fan. When she's not writing about old films, she works as a librarian and film archivist. You can find her tweeting about Cary Grant and hockey here: @emilykub_
Elevator To The Gallows

Noir Style Meets French Storytelling in ‘Elevator to the Gallows’

By Emily Kubincanek 

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of Louis Malle’s masterpiece of suspense and style.

Hostiles Christian Bale

Where Westerns Fit in Modern Society

By Emily Kubincanek 

They are more than just a relic, but an opportunity for reinvention.

Shape Of Water

The Seamless Transitions in ‘The Shape of Water’

By Emily Kubincanek 

Editor Sidney Wolinsky shouldn’t be overlooked this awards season.

Greatest Show

The Perfect Mix of Drama and Documentary in ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’

By Emily Kubincanek 

American cinema’s showman brought the circus to the movies 66 years ago.

No Featured Image

The Academy’s Push for Foreign Voice in the Oscars May Continue to Overlook American Minority Filmmakers

By Emily Kubincanek 

A push towards diversity should begin with the films overlooked in our own country.

Top Gun

Paramount’s First Virtual Reality Theater Contradicts Itself With ‘Top Gun’ in 3D

By Emily Kubincanek 

Paramount is banking on a previous hit to launch cutting-edge VR technology.

Rewind Tvdeaths

The Most Memorable TV Deaths of 2017

By Emily Kubincanek 

Yeah, there’s going to be spoilers in here.

Rewind Filmmaker Greta Gerwig

Filmmaker of the Year (2017): Greta Gerwig

By Emily Kubincanek 

A round of applause for the woman who made the best-reviewed film of all time on her first try. 

Rami Malek

Dexter Fletcher to Replace Bryan Singer as ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Director

By Emily Kubincanek 

Fletcher’s acting experience may help connect with Rami Malek as the new director of Bohemian Rhapsody.