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The 10 Stops on a Perfect Tour of Wes Anderson’s World

For the films of Wes Anderson, it’s all about location, location, location.
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By  · Published on August 1st, 2018

Director Wes Anderson extends to you an invitation to explore locations from each of his films in the vast world he has created. Known for his worldbuilding and attention to detail, the places Wes Anderson takes us are both familiar and foreign, but altogether quite unique. With over a decade of his films, from feature length to short, we now present to you the opportunity to join the tour through the world of Wes Anderson and our top 10 stops along the way.

10. Trash Island (Isle of Dogs, 2018)

The least inviting on our tour of Wes Anderson’s world, Trash Island from this year’s Isle of Dogs is riddled with pups just looking to get by. All the while building their own community and working together to reunite a boy with his best friend, Trash Island can be reached by crash-landing your one-person plane onto the island, serendipitously coming across a pack of ill dogs, and having them take you on a walk of their world. Please note: you might want to bring a hazmat suit.

9. The Sewers (Fantastic Mr. Fox, 2009)

If you’re plotting your next move when the farmers have run you out of town, the sewers in Fantastic Mr. Fox is just the place. With the animals huddled in, fending off psychopathic rats, and Mr. Fox himself realizing the danger he put the ones he loves in, the sewers mark a turning point to this fox’s tale. While Mr. Fox’s home would be a lovely place to visit, it seems that the real magic takes place when the animals are forced to become gutter dwellers. Little do the farmers know the animals are scheming quite the storm as they settle into their new home.

8. The Darjeeling Limited (The Darjeeling Limited, 2007)

Don’t miss this train. Reconnect with your estranged siblings on The Darjeeling Limited from Wes Anderson’s film of the same name. You’ll get quite familiar with your neighbors, maybe even fall in love. The Darjeeling Limited would, however, ask that you refrain from using mace while the train is en route.

7. Room 403 (Hotel Chavelier, 2007)

If you’re looking to escape your romantic partner, you might find some refuge in Room 403 of the Hotel Chavelier. Complete with a television for your favorite black-and-white picture, room service so that grilled cheese may be brought straight to your room, and did we mention the lovely view of Paris you can enjoy on your balcony? The only catch: the staff will not give your room number should your former lover show up unexpected. But rest assured, you can play Peter Sarstedt’s “Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)” as many times as you like.

6. Rushmore Academy (Rushmore, 1998)

School is back in session at Rushmore Academy. Filmed at Anderson’s alma mater – Houston’s St. Johns – the academy has a slew of activities for which you can join. You may find, however, that the same person seems to be in charge. Nevertheless, take your place with your favorite group or extracurricular activity for the school yearbook, maybe check in on some previous teachers. But we’d ask that you maybe not check in with former teachers you may have been in love with. Either way, reminisce and be glad you no longer have to study.

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