Vibrant Character Billboards Introduce You to the Fighting Robots of ‘Real Steel’

By  · Published on September 8th, 2011

For the next few weeks we’ll be taking you through the gritty underground fighting world and into the sparkling, brightly lit arenas where the premiere robots brawl it out for fame and fortune. Diary from my top secret time traveling experiment into a Dystopian future or my Real Steel set visit? We’ll let you be the judge.

We’ll also let you be the judge of these new character posters. One of the most impressive things about watching them film the movie and learning a bit about it was the design of the robots that act as the non-human centerpiece of the story. The pre-viz, CGI and practical all blended together to make some very, very cool machines which get a fresh introduction to the world today.

Meet Atom, Ambush, Midas, and Noisy Boy. Click on all of them to make them way, way bigger:

My absolute favorite thing about these ads is that they all make it look like Hugh Jackman is a killer robot with its arms outstretched.

Do these make you want to go see it?

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