Hugh Jackman


Missing Link Set Visit

Chris Butler Explores Identity and the Pleasures of Evolution in ‘Missing Link’


We chat with the artist and director about his most personal work yet and bringing classic blockbuster adventure to Laika Studios.

Missing Link Brad Photo

We Visited Laika Studios and Found That ‘Missing Link’ is a Warm Adventure of Acceptance


We travel to Laika Studios for a sneak peek at their latest adventure film starring Hugh Jackman and Zach Galifianakis.

Front Runner Review

‘The Front Runner’ Review: Even Overlooked History Lingers On


Jason Reitman’s latest tells the story of a seemingly forgotten event in history that proves itself to be timely in its subject matter, but more significantly, calls into question many of the norms in politics and media today.

Front Runner

Jason Reitman on ‘The Front Runner’ and the Relevancy of the Gary Hart Story


The writer-director chatted with us to talk about his latest film, working with Hugh Jackman, and more.

Missing Link

‘Missing Link’ Trailer Connects Man and Beast


Laika attempts kiddie stuff without the kids.

The Front Runner Hugh Jackman

‘The Front Runner’ Trailer Examines the Responsibility of the Press in an Evolving World


Save us, President Jackman!

Missing Link Concept Art

Laika Promises ‘Missing Link’ Will Be Unlike Any Movie Ever Seen


For their fifth animated feature, Laika Entertainment offers their most ambitious project yet.

Hugh Jackman The Greatest Showman

Hugh Jackman to Star in the High School Black Comedy ‘Bad Education’


Jackman is working with the producer of ‘La La Land,’ but not for a musical.

James Mangold Logan

James Mangold’s ‘The Force’ Will Be a ‘Logan’ Reunion


Scott Frank is now working on the adaptation of Don Winslow’s best-selling novel.¬†