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TV Review: Entourage 5.6 – Redomption

The annoying Dom returns to cause trouble, press himself into Vince’s business, and annoy the fuck out of the viewers at home.
By  · Published on October 13th, 2008

Entourage, HBO, Airs Sundays 10pm E/P

Episode: “Redomption” (Season Five, Episode Six)

Synopsis: The annoying as fuck Dom returns to cause trouble, press himself into Vince’s business, and annoy the fuck out of the viewers at home. This time the dumb fuck ends up in a televised car chase. In more interesting news, Ari plays golf with studio head Alan Gray and makes a bet on Vince’s career, and poor Turtle takes a job as Drama’s personal assistant.

Review: If last week’s episode was the best of the season so far, which it was, then this week’s is the worst. Dom, the obnoxious childhood friend to both Vince and Eric who first appeared on the show a few seasons back, panics and runs from the police while being pulled over for speeding. His story about an Oriental wife, a newborn baby, and a visually impaired mother-in-law turns out to be true, but I don’t care. He’s still a rude dipshit that offers nothing in the way of comedy or drama to the show. Also, Eric again shafts one of his clients (Shad Moss) at Vince’s request, which seems a little out of character for him and his recent quest to build a business. And as a quick aside, Vince and Eric take Dom home after bailing him out which implies he’s living locally. If that’s the case, how did they not know he was married and had a kid? Makes no sense.

The second of three storylines follows Ari’s golf game with Alan Gray as they wager cash and eventually the possibility of Vince getting the second lead role in Smoke Jumpers. This worked well because it was unpredictable. I figured Ari would sink the final putt, thus winning the bet, but he didn’t. Instead, Vince gets one step closer to the role due to the small but pleasant surprise of Gray’s fatal heart attack. Two things that annoyed me here were the presence of Martin Landeau’s corpse and Drama’s continued slide into cartoon insensitivity when he hears of Gray’s death. Finally, Turtle’s first day as Drama’s assistant is frustrating as expected, but it also wasn’t very funny. How Drama doesn’t get his ass fired from Five Towns I don’t know. Between the way he treats Turtle to the way he behaves on set, Drama’s really becoming quite the dick.

So once again, an episode where nothing really happens. Vince is probably one step closer to getting the job on Smokejumpers, Eric’s one move away from losing a client, Turtle’s still unemployed, Drama’s an ass, and Ari’s no good at golf under pressure. Even worse than the fact that this episode was boring, it leaves the door wide open for Dom to remain on the show. If his wife boots his ass out I won’t be surprised if he moves in with the guys again. This will annoy me greatly. Also, I’m going on record as predicting that Vince’s inevitable role in Smokejumpers will earn him a season-ending Oscar nomination.

Up Next week: “Gotta Look Up to Get Down”–Vince meets a hot supermodel during a photo shoot. Ari wheels and deals while at a funeral.

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