Trailer for ‘Puncture’ Sees Chris Evans as Your Standard Offbeat Lawyer, Now With More Drug…

By  · Published on August 17th, 2011

Trailer for ‘Puncture’ Sees Chris Evans as Your Standard Offbeat Lawyer, Now With More Drug Addiction

Chris Evans played a wealth of very different roles before he was cast as Captain America. He was Johnny Storm, he was a Harvard Hottie, he was a plucky cop, he was an Evil Ex, he was even a Loser. He was also, apparently, a functioning drug addict/lawyer, thanks to Adam and Mark Kassen’s Puncture. The Kassens’s film follows Evans’s Mike Weiss in a story that sounds a bit like Erin Brockovich mixed with Michael Clayton, but sexier, because it involves a tattooed Evans who does a mountain of drugs in his off-time.

Based on a true story (aren’t they all), Evans stars as a hotshot Houston lawyer who also happens to be a drug addict (but a high-functioning one, natch). Mike has his own practice, along with his high-functioning-sans-drugs partner, Paul Danzinger (played by Mark Kassen). Mike and Paul get caught up in a little case that quickly turns into a big one, as they fight for an ER nurse pricked by a nasty needle on the job. The trailer shows how rapidly that case turns into something unexpectedly huge – senators! jolty camera angles! big boardroom tables! a lot of yelling!

While it’s not entirely clear from this trailer what really happens in Puncture (Weiss and Danzinger end up going against some heavy-hitting health care corporations), it does drive home one central point – this is not your normal laywer, and he’s not dealing with a normal case or a normal crime. Oh, goody, because I was so sick of criminal justice films that focus on straightforward problems. But it does look like Evans turns on his trademark charm in the film, and it’s likely we’ll see his Weiss go from drug addict who stages jury role-play in a hotel with a bunch of other addicts to a do-gooder lawyer who actually changes things for the better.

The film has a pretty interesting cast that also includes Michael Biehn, Brett Cullen, Jesse L. Martin, Vinessa Shaw, Kate Burton, Tess Parker, and Marshall Bell.

Puncture opens on September 23.

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