Chris Evans


Jonathan Freeman Defending Jacob

Jonathan Freeman Explains the Craft of Intimacy in ‘Defending Jacob’


We chat with cinematographer Jonathan Freeman about how he manipulated distance literally and metaphorically for the new Apple TV+ series ‘Defending Jacob.’

Chris Evans as Captain America

Chris Evans and the Measure of Heroes


The erstwhile Marvel actor embraces grace and shrewdness in ‘Captain America’ and beyond.

Knives Out Shot By Shot

The ‘Knives Out’ Reading List: 7 Books to Read If You Enjoyed The Film


While we wait for Detective Benoit Blanc to return, here are seven books to maintain your ‘Knives Out’ high.

Knives Out

Shot by Shot with the ‘Knives Out’ Trailer


With a cast impossible to ignore, Rian Johnson’s ‘Knives Out’ immediately rises to the top of our most anticipated films of the year list.

Thor The Dark World

What Makes an Avenger Worthy?


Papa Odin’s got a brand new bag.

Captain America Shield

Captain America’s Cinematic Future Should Begin With Truth


Captain America works best when he challenges his righteous legacy.

Cap And Tony

The Most Vital Avengers Relationship: Steve Rogers and Tony Stark


Iron Man and Captain America have never seen eye-to-eye. Their reconciliation might decide the fate of the universe.

Nick Fury

Nick Fury: Cynic or Secret Optimist?


The young, laughing, cat-cuddling Nick Fury seen in ‘Captain Marvel’ may show us the optimistic underside of our favorite MCU spymaster.

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Chris Evans to Draw the ‘Knives Out’ in Rian Johnson Murder Mystery


In the midst of leaving Captain America behind, Evans continues to traverse every other genre out there.