Star Trek

Cinematic Universe.

Picard Absolute Candor

‘Picard’ Explained: Seven of Nine Rescues “Absolute Candor”


A disgraced Jean-Luc Picard requires the love of his crew before we, his fans, will ever forgive him.

Picard End is the Beginning

‘Picard’ Explained: Hugh Finds Humanity in “The End is the Beginning”


Star Trek’s greatest evil is once again revealed to be anything but absolute.

Picard Episode Maps and Legends

‘Picard’ Explained: Starfleet Adrift Within “Maps and Legends”


The Starfleet we find in ‘Star Trek: Picard’ is upsetting. Good.

Picard Episode One

‘Picard’ Explained: ‘Remembrance’ Brings Revelations


Twenty years since we last saw him, Jean-Luc Picard finds himself surrounded by a fearful Starfleet.

Star Trek First Contact

Jean-Luc Picard Emulates the Growth Mindset of ‘Star Trek’


The 24th century may appear superior to the one we currently reside within but don’t confuse it as a finish line for the human race.

Blade Runner Titan Comics

Syd Mead Designed Your Future


From Ford Motors to ‘Blade Runner’ Spinners, Syd Mead brought function to the imagined.

Screen Shot At Pm

Shot by Shot with the NYCC ‘Picard’ Trailer


You Can’t Not Make It So

Uss Callister

Incels in Space


What the ‘Black Mirror’ episode “USS Callister” teaches us about male fragility, video game fandoms, and the danger of unregulated online spaces.

Ikarie Xb

‘Ikarie XB-1’ is the Forgotten Czech Film That Inspired ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’


Jindřich Polák’s communist space drama anticipated now-iconic ’60s sci-fi.