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‘Star Trek’ Explained: The Promise of ‘Strange New Worlds’


The latest series is designed to appease those who’ve grumbled over the recent batch of ‘Star Trek.’

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‘Deep Space Nine’ Dared to Go Where No ‘Star Trek’ Had Gone Before


The “bastard child” of the ‘Star Trek’ franchise is better now than when it first aired.

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‘Picard’ Explained: Jean-Luc Picard Rejoins the Human Family in ‘Et in Arcadia Ego Part 2’


Meanwhile, another family awaits his company.

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Have You Noticed This “Strong Female Character” Naming Trend?


She’s not like those other girls because she’s basically one of the guys.

Star Trek Picard Et in Arcadia Ego

‘Picard’ Explained: There’s No Escaping Death in “Et in Arcadia Ego Part 1”


Utopia is a fallacy, but always worth the struggle.

Star Trek Picard Broken Pieces

‘Picard’ Explained: The Mending of Starfleet Begins with “Broken Pieces”


After weeks of wallowing in the failings of Starfleet, the eighth episode acknowledges your disappointment and offers hope in return.

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‘Picard’ Explained: We Just Have To Pretend It Works on ‘Nepenthe’


In old friends and new, our favorite captain finds his faith.

Star Trek Picard Impossible Cube

‘Picard’ Explained: “The Impossible Box” Exposes the Fear, Hatred, and Anger of Jean-Luc Picard


Captain Kirk saw the good in his enemy. Now, it’s Jean-Luc’s turn.

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‘Picard’ Explained: Grief Continues to Spread Throughout “Stardust City Rag”


The trauma experienced in the time we spent apart from Jean-Luc cannot possibly be resolved in one season of television.