Richard Linklater

Hit Man Review Venice

‘Hit Man’ Is a Hilarious and Unpredictable Romp That Will Make Glen Powell a Star


Richard Linklater’s latest film is a hilarious and unpredictable romp that shows the star power Glen Powell has always had inside him.

Dazed And Confused

‘Dazed and Confused’ and Richard Linklater’s Commitment to Nostalgia


For his 60th birthday, we look back at what makes Linklater’s ode to the ’70s such a classic.

Decade Best Comedy Cover

The 50 Best Comedy Movies of the Decade


Reality didn’t always give us that much to laugh about in the past decade, but these movies sure did.

Good Boys

‘Good Boys’ Box Office: A Rare Success for an Original Comedy


The R-rated preteen swear fest is only the second original title to hit number one this year.


‘Slacker’ on the Cusp of the Independent Cinema Revolution


When Independent Cinema still meant Independent Cinema, Richard Linklater willed his way into creation.

Everybody Wants Some

Richard Linklater is the Best Choice to Direct a Bill Hicks Biopic


Linklater’s varied but undeniably candid backlog aligns perfectly with Hicks’ no-nonsense, confrontational brand.

Summer Of Age

Dazed and Confused: 7 Essential Summer Coming-of-Age Movies


An overview of the coming-of-age genre’s most thoughtful films.

Rosie Perez Do The Right Thing Dance Scenes

A Tribute to Dance Scenes in Non-Musicals


There’s nothing greater than a perfect dance scene.

Call Me By Your Name / Before Sunrise

Comparing ‘Before Sunrise’ and ‘Call Me By Your Name’


How do these “dreamlike romances” use escapism to heighten our emotional investment?