31 Days of Horror: Re-Animator


Really good horror comedies are notoriously rare, but this one works because it’s balls to the wall nuttiness.

31 Days of Horror: The Descent


Six women descend into an Appalachian cave in search of adventure, but instead find cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers.

Foreign Objects: Philosophy of a Knife


Foreign Objects travels the world of international cinema each week to highlight films worth visiting. So renew your passport, get your shots, and brush up on the local age of legal consent, this week we’re heading to… Russia! And we may never go back again.

Jennifer’s Body: Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried to Fight in their Undies


To balance out the severity of his new dramatic subject matter of his next film, Jason Reitman evoked the image of “Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried getting into a fight in their underwear” that will be featured once Body starts filming in three weeks.