‘Djinn’ Gets Its Victims

By  · Published on March 28th, 2011

When you hear that a new horror film is coming from the man who directed Poltergeist (the one who isn’t Steven Spielberg), the hope is that the cast he attracts will be strong actors and not just pretty faces with the ability to scream. Fortunately, and solid talent has just signed on for Djinn.

Variety is reporting that Khalid Laith (The Devil’s Double) and Razane Jammal (Carlos) have signed onto the forthcoming, Middle East-set horror film. They’ll star as two people returning from a vacation in the United States who encounter a haunting in their home from mean-spirited beings.

Laith and Jammal don’t have a lot of work under their belts, but the work they do have shines. Laith was sharp in The Devil’s Double – the movie about a man forced to be one of Saddam’s son’s body double – and Jammal did well even in a smaller role in Carlos. Hopefully, they’ll transition into horror without much trouble.

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