Canadian Horror

10 Best Canadian Horror Movies


Crack a beer and lean back in your Adirondack: here’s the best of the best when it comes to Canadian horror.

Decade Schitts Creek

The Simple Comforts of ‘Schitt’s Creek’


How a light-hearted Canadian comedy became one of the decade’s loveliest and most important shows.

Slings And Arrows

With ‘Slings And Arrows,’ Canadians Prove They Know How To Finish a TV Series


Although often parodied for their deference, and known for their comedy, a vein of fatalism runs through the best Canadian artists and art, and ‘Slings And Arrows’ is definitely among the best.

Slut In A Good Way

‘Slut in a Good Way’ Takes Us Back to the Trials of Teen Life


Girls just want to have fun in this imperfect but entertaining French-Canadian film, now in theaters.


The Best ‘Letterkenny’ Episodes By Character


‘Letterkenny’ has invaded the United States and you need to be ready.

Canadian Movies

Oh Canada! 15 Fantastic and Underseen Films from Our Neighbors to the North


If we don’t celebrate Canada, who will?

The Mask

5 Canadian Genre Films You Hosers Should For Sure See


In Canada, the genre films are as odd and quirky as a kerfuffle between a moose and reindeer.