Shot By Shot Lamb Trailer

Shot by Shot with the ‘Lamb’ Trailer


God only knows what’s going on in this gorgeously unnatural trailer.

The Green Knight Dev Patel

12 Movies To Watch If You Like ‘The Green Knight’

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From Arthurian Legends to modern myth-making, these are the best streaming picks for those enchanted by ‘The Green Knight’

Zola — Still

The Real Story Behind ‘Zola’


The latest movie from director Janicza Bravo and A24 is about the most famous Twitter thread in history. Here’s the real story behind ‘Zola.’

First Reformed darkness

The Decade-Defining Darkness of ‘First Reformed’


Here’s a video essay on why the pride and despair of Paul Schrader’s film defines the latent darkness of the 2010s.

Hereditary Book

Why A24’s ‘Hereditary’ Screenplay Book is a Worthy Investment


If you can’t get enough of ‘Hereditary,’ the A24 Shop has just the thing.


The Scariest Scene in ‘Hereditary’ Is Its Simplest


The most upsetting moment shows the face of a traumatized boy as he listens to the screams of his mother.

Minari — Still

‘Minari’ is a Rarified Expression of Realism in the Modern Blockbuster Era


Whether tragic or beautiful or merely mundane, every scene is bursting with beauty.

Zola — Still

Janicza Bravo Resurrects Viral Tweet Thread Through the Ever-Innovative ‘Zola’


An early frontrunner in the Sundance fold.

In Fabric Screenshot

Peter Strickland on the High Street Terror of ‘In Fabric’


We chat with the filmmaker about the magic of retail and the haunting graveyard that stores have become.