Spoiler Alert: The Big Marvel Superhero ‘Iron Man 3’ Might Be Hiding in Its Post-Credits Scene

By  · Published on June 28th, 2012

More than a few people will consider this a spoiler, so consider that your spoiler warning, but really it’s just a bit of speculation that might be a really cool element to a part of a movie that’s not even part of the movie. Confused yet? Excellent.

According to the rumor mill over at indie haven The Playlist, art house film Iron Man 3 might be introducing a highly-anticipated hero in its post-credits tag.

Of course that isn’t really a spoiler because, well, of course Marvel is going to tease the next movie in the line-up at the end of their current movie. The question is, what hero will it be?

I’ve already dropped a bunch of hints. “Big?” “Highly-ANTicipated?” Yeah, I’m not very subtle, but it’s not really a huge shock to see fans speculate that this will be next. Edgar Wright already came out and said he hoped to film a bit of Ant-Man before the year is out, and it’s dollars to donuts that he means the tag ending sequence that will tickle the soft areas of Marvel fans until the feature can actually be made.

And again, this is all guess work that simply happens to make perfect logical sense. That’s why we all be shocked when Iron Man 3’s post-credits scene introduces us to Dazzler.

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